apple key feature for cars, Bmw 5 series car, bmw with apple. apple's new features

This digital key unlocks the vehicle from the NFC chip in the phone, apple virtual key feature.
BMW will introduce the BMW digital key in its car. BMW 5 series with apple.
BMW will first introduce this feature in its Facelift 5 Series sedan. apple’s new features.
Car owner can share a copy of his virtual key with his 5 family members using iMessageto.

Apple has launched the Virtual Key Car feature at the Worldwide Developers Conference. BMW and Apple have partnered for this function. Apple unveiled the car key feature at Monday’s event. This feature allows the car to be unlock even without a physical key. This works using the NFC (Near Field Communication) chip. BMW will first introduce this feature in its Facelift 5 Series sedan. BMW will introduce this feature as the BMW Digital Key. BMW 5 series with apple.

What is a virtual car key?

A virtual car key is a digital key that unlocks any vehicle. Including a car, using an NFC chip embedded in the user’s phone. This feature is only available in a few vehicles globally. It will be launch for the first time in Apple devices. BMW offers Android based virtual car keys in some models.

How does the Apple Car Key work?

The company unveiled the iOS 14 iPhone operating system at Apple’s Monday event. The company has also introduced the Apple Key car.
First it will be in a BMW car. It the iPhone’s UWB U1 chip. This feature allows the user to know if his car is nearby.
Users will need to place an Apple Watch or iPhone Apple device supporting NFC next. The vehicle’s NFC reader panel to unlock their vehicle. It is usually located in the door handle of the vehicle.

The system will then unlock the vehicle and verify with Face ID or Touch ID. The user will be able to use Express mode to speed up the processor.
The car owner will be able to share a copy of his virtual key. His 5 family members using iMessageto.
As soon as the user enters the car, he has to place. His Apple device on the car’s wireless charger panel. Then the car will start by pressing the car’s ignition button.
According to BMW, this feature will work even if the user’s iPhone runs out of battery.

In which car and SUV will Apple Car Key work?

This feature will be in the Shri Ganesh BMW 5 Series sedan. It is believ that in the future it may be launch in other BMW cars and SUVs sold globally.

When will this technology come to India. The company has not clarify whether. The technology will come to. It could come to India with the BMW 5 Series. The car will be launch India next year. apple’s new features.

What new features will Apple Car Play get from iOS 14?

The company will get a number of features in iOS 14, including a wallpaper ad in Apple Car Play. Information on electric car charging stations in Maps, and fast-foot take-out.


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