coronil kit, patanjali corona kit, ramdev's medicine
coronil kit, patanjali corona kit, ramdev's medicine

No announcement or publicity will be made till our investigation is complet” the Center saying. ramdev’s medicine, coronil vati.
Ramdev said 280 patients participated in the clinical case study
Patanjali launched three drugs coronil, bronchial and nuclear oil, corona kit patanjali.

Yoga guru Ramdev on Tuesday claimed to have treated the corona with Ayurvedic medicine. For this, three drugs coronil vati, a bronchodilator, and nuclear oil have been launched. It constructs by Patanjali Yogpeeth. Ramdev said that Patanjali has developed a research based medicine of corona from herbs like gilloy, ashwagandha. The central government, on the other hand, has started thinking about this. The Center has asked Patanjali to provide details of the drug. Until the investigation is complet, no advertisement or publicity will be made claiming that Corona is recovering from her illness. coronil

coronil kit patanjali corona kit ramdev's medicine
coronil kit, patanjali corona kit, ramdev’s medicine

Clinical trials performed on 280 patients

Ramdev claims to have included 280 patients in the clinical case study of this drug. Clinical control trials were performe on about 100 people in which 69% of the patients tested positive for corona within 3 days and 100% of the patients recover within 7 days. “This is a historic event,” he said. ramdev’s medicine.

The combine use of all three drugs eliminates corona kit patanjali coronil
The corona kit launched by Ramdev includes inhaler oil and nuclear oil in addition to coronil. Ramdev says that by using all the three together, the infection of the corona can eliminate and the disease can be prevented. Ramdev said breathing in the absence of oxygen in the body would be beneficial. It also cures colds and coughs together. Atomic oil is inject into the nose and protects against corona.

The number of corona infections in the country has crossed 4.40 lakh. In the last 24 hours, 13,548 new cases register. A total of 10,879 patients have recovered and 312 have died in the country. A maximum of 3721 new cases were reported in Maharashtra and 113 people have dieing here. Delhi has seen an increase in 2909 patients, with the highest number of 3589 patients recovering. coronil


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