kohli in forbes

Cricket celebrity Virat Kohli stays the one Indian within the Forbes’ checklist of worldwide’s highest-paid athletes with overall profits of $ 26 million, leaping to the 66th spot from 100 within the 2020 standings.

Kohli’s profits from endorsement stand at $ 24 million and $ 2 million from wage/winnings. The 31-year-old could also be the one cricketer within the top-100 checklist.

With profits of $ 25 million, Kohli used to be ranked 100th in 2019 and 83rd in 2018 with $ 24 million.

Tennis legend Roger Federer has toped the checklist for the primary time with profits of $ 106.three million, emerging from 5th position ultimate 12 months.

Soccer icons Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are 2nd and 3rd respectively with profits of $105 and $104 million.

The others within the top-10 are Neymar (soccer), LeBron James (basketball), Stephen Curry (basketball), Kevin Durrant (basketball), Tigers Woods (golfing), Kirk Cousins (American soccer) and Carson Wentz (American soccer).

The athletes’ profits were impacted via the COVID-19 pandemic which ended in suspension of carrying actions everywhere in the global.

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