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Following the Centre’s pointers on lockdown 5.0, Punjab guidelines, in detailed pointers, issued on Sunday mentioned there can be no restriction on the inter-state motion of individuals by way of Air, highway or rail. Punjab lockdown updates can be found on this website. on the coronavirus tab on the menu bar. COVID-19 Updates can be found on the coronavirus tab of THE INDIA BLOGS menu bar.

However, it might be a topic to the inward passengers following SOP of the well-being division and get self-generated e-pass via the Punjab COVA app.

For inter-state motion, self-generating go from Punjab COVA app is will have to.

Lockdown 5.0 Punjab

Efficient from June 1 to June 30, the tips for the inter-state motion of passenger automobiles can be accepted towards self-generated e-pass.

Sooner than permitting the opening of nonsecular puts, shops, and eating places from June eight, Punjab would take an on-ground review and factor usual working process (SOP) for the opening of those puts out of doors the containment zones.

Mavens have urged the state government towards the outlet of the hospitality trade and shops at this juncture when the concern of group unfold is looming hugely over the state.

Movement in the lockdown 5.0 in Punjab

The motion of people, for all non-essential actions in Punjab, would stay limited throughout the evening curfew from nine pm to five am, revising the former timings of seven pm to 7 am. On the other hand, all forms of retail outlets can be allowed to stay open from 7 am to 7 pm and liquor vends from eight am to eight pm.

In regards to the Centre’s choice to raise the restriction on permission/e-permit required for the Rinter-state motion of individuals and items, state government mentioned the protocol on screening of the ones coming into the state by way of Rail, highway or air would stay in position as the ones coming into the state had resulted in a spike in instances in contemporary previous.

But even so, the federal government and personal workplaces can be allowed to open as in line with the desired power with none restriction, topic to compliance of social distancing, and dressed in of mask always.

On the other hand, restrictions on individuals allowed at marriage comparable gatherings or funeral would stay in pressure.

Prohibited actions in lockdown 5.0 Punjab

(i) Cinema halls, gymnasiums, swimming swimming pools, leisure parks, theatres, bars, auditoriums, meeting corridors; and identical puts.

(ii) Social, political, sports activities, leisure, educational, cultural, spiritual purposes, and different huge congregations. (iii) Spitting in public puts (iv) Intake of liquor, pan, gutka, tobacco, and so on., in public puts is illegal. On the other hand, there will likely be no restriction on their sale.

Limited actions in lockdown 5.0

(i) Marriage comparable gatherings — Selection of visitors to not exceed 50. (ii) Funeral/ultimate rites — Selection of individuals to not exceed 20.

Activities in Punjab in lockdown 5.0 guidelines

Not Permitted activities In Lockdown 5.0

Cinema halls, GymsNo
International air travelNo
Swimming pools, BarsNo
Assembly hallsNo
Schools and collegesNo
Night curfew (9 pm – 5 am)No
Person above 65 yearsNo
Children below 10 yearsNo
Spitting in PublicNo
Consumption of Paan, liquorNo
This Activities should not Be done till In Lockdown 5.0

Permitted activities in Lockdown 5.0

Hotels and HospitalityYes from 7/6/2020
Religious placesYes from 7/6/2020
Shopping MallsYes from 7/6/2020
Domestic AirwaysYes
Movement inter district
(5 am – 9 pm)
Yes after downloading
COVA app
MarriagesYes upto 50 guests
Funeral / Last RideYes upto 20 guests
OPDYes 24*7
Inter-state movementYes after generation of COVA e-pass
Inter-state busesYes with consent of state government
Intra-state busesYes
Taxis and CabsYes
4 wheelersYes
2 wheelersYes
Goods Inter-stateYes
Sports complex and stadiumYes bit without spectators
Public Parksyes but without gatherings
Spa, Barber shops,
Beauty parlours
Liquor ShopsYes
Bank and FinanceYes
Educational Institutes
For office work
Yes but with online teaching only
Private officesYes
Government offices of PunjabYes
Central government officesYes
This activities can be doneBut Permission required in some cases

FAQs of Lockdown 5 of Punjab Guidelines

are the religious places are open?

Yes it is permitted in lockdown 5.0 after 7/6/2020
as per SOP

Are the schools and colleges open during lockdown 5.0?


Are the hotels and hospitality services open?

Yes but after 7/6/2020 as per SOP

Are the shopping malla open in lockdown 5.0?

yes but after but after 7/6/2020 as per SOP

Are the bars open during the lockdown 5.0?

no as per SOP


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