The rafale, indian air force
  • The Rafale jet plane will cover a distance of more than 7,000 kilometers between France and India. Indian air force.
  • Will also take a break in the Middle East India to get 36 raffle tickets from France, Rs 60,000 crore deal finalized in September 2016.

Amid ongoing tensions with China over the Line of Actual Control (LAC). The strength of the Indian Air Force is increasing. India is expecting to get six armed Rafale fighter jets by the end of next month.

News agencies quoted government sources as saying that the Rafale would also have a medium-range missile capable of hitting targets up to 150 km away. This will put the Indian Air Force in a stronger position than China.

Will be ready for operation shortly

Sources said that the training of air force pilots in France is very much based on real training. By the end of July we can get 6 Rafale fighter jet plane. These aircraft will be equip with weapons and will be ready to be involved in the operation in a few days.

Rafale jet plane, indian air force

However, there were earlier plans to have 4 raffle arrivals in Ambala. It will have 3 two-seater trainer version aircraft, through which pilots will be trained at Ambala Airport station. Ambala will be the first base of Rafale Jets in India. The second base will be in Hashimara, Bengal.

Emphasis on preparing ground infrastructure

According to the information received, the number of aircraft coming to India may be higher. The decision keeping in view the current need and the training needs of the pilots training in France. Even in the event of a Corona virus infection. The Indian Air Force is making every effort to prepare the ground infrastructure before the jets reach India.

The pilot of the Golden Arrow will fly Rafale for the first time

Coming from France to the Middle East, a French Air Force tanker aircraft will refuel in the air. The plane will land in the Middle East and then fly to India. This time the Indian Air Force aircraft will re-refuel Rafale’s mid air. Rafale can fly to India directly from France. rafale fighter jet planes

The deal struck in September 2016

India struck a 36-rupee deal with France in September 2016. The deal is worth Rs 60,000 crore. Air Chief Marshal BS Bhadauria was the Deputy Chief of Air Staff at the time. Equipped with missiles like Mediar and Scalp with Pakistan and China in mind, Rafale will be able to give India a lot of progress in air strikes and similar operations. rafale fighter jet planes



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