Russia S-400
Russia S-400

Russia S-400

Defense Minister Rajnath Singh, who is on a visit to Russia, Urg for speedy delivery of following the Galwan clash. India earlier refuse to install the highly lethal system. It was too expensive, but after settling China. India was also force to build 5 units at a cost of 500 million. Subramanian Swamy has expres displeasure over the Chinese-made navigation command, fearing that it could be damage by remote operations. Russia S-400. S-400 air defense. India missile. S-400 triumph works.

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Russia's S-400, India missile, S-400 air defense, S-400, S-400 triumph works, 400 km air radius, 30 km altitude flying.
Russia’s S-400, India missile, S-400 air defense, S-400, S-400 triumph works, 400 km air radius, 30 km altitude flying.

Defense Minister Rajnath Singh is currently on a visit to Russia after an unprecedent with China in the Galvan Valley. According to the 500 500 agreement with Russia in 2018. India was to get the missile defense system by the end of this year. But Russia officially announce last April that deliveries would be delay due to the Koro epidemic. India has since start Russia to hand over its missile defense system. Possible due to tensions on the Chinese border. S-400 air defense. S-400 triumph works.

This missile system, which is capable of identifying and destroying a warplane. A missile entering the Indian border from a distance of 400 km? How can his involvement make the Indian Army more lethal? Why are some security experts, including veteran BJP leader Subramanian Swamy, opposing the system despite being highly effective? Russia S-400. S-400 air defense. S-400 triumph works.


This missile defense system develope Russia is known as Triumph. Russia has working on this defense system series since the 1990s. And the current series is an improve version of the S-300.

Russia’s surface-to-air missile system is in direct competition with the US THAAD system. Both countries consider their respective systems to superior. However, according to a 2017 survey by The Economist, the was the most lethal weapon. Russia S-400.

The system has more than 30 radar systems operating in different ways. Which can automatically detect an enemy aircraft flying at an altitude of 30 km in. An area of ​​a radius of 400 km and also launch a missile strike on it with self-command. Its biggest feature is that the system itself can identify aircraft, ballistic missiles, cruise missiles. Unmanne aircraft base on the data fed into its computer, not only that, it can attack up to 100 targets simultaneously.

The US F-35 is currently consider most capable fighter. The system is capable of playing air combat with. A total of 6 super fighter jets of the F-35 type at once.

Why did India need this system?

The Indian Army is currently equip a missile defense system called Akash and Barak-8. In addition, India is currently trying to develop an indigenously. Multilayer ballistic defense system and the project is in its final stages. But the limitation of this project is that it is efficient only. And the range of 100 km and is only for ballistic missiles. The system fails to protect India if it is attack cruise missiles.

S-400 Globally

It is the globally select system. On the Syrian front, Russia has proven its capability by using its destroyers. In addition to China, Turkey has also bought the defense system and now Saudi Arabia has also finalized the deal.

Most importantly, Russia offered the system to India in 2014. But then India found it very expensive. Soon after, Russia sold the system to China. China, which has a permanent border dispute with India, is at risk if it is this system. India has been force to a total of 5 units at a cost of કરોડ 500 million as China’s antidote.

India fears China and Pakistan on both sides of the border. Even at the time of the recent Galwan clash, China’s gesture had also increased Pakistan’s activism on the Kashmir border. The is a lethal, powerful and precision weapon capable of fighting together on both fronts.

If an has land at Bikaner or Jaisalmer or Pathankot airbase. It will be able to identify warplanes or missiles from Pakistan base on the data fed into its computer. Which can strike at a distance of 400 km after entering the Indian border.

If such a system is deploy on the Rajasthan border. The border from Kashmir to Kutch can be defend in a prosperous way. Similarly, the Leh-Ladakh border and the northeastern Indian border with China also have S-400 armored defense. With 2 systems on the Pakistan border and 3 systems on China dealt with a total of 5 systems. India missile.

So why oppose S-400?

It was only when India made a deal for the Russian-made system. That veteran BJP leader Subramanian Swamy opposed it. There were two important points in Swamy’s protest, which he also expressed in a tweet on June 12. India missile.

All the electronic sensors use in the S-400’s radar system are in China. The missile’s navigation control system is also in China. In those circumstances, China could influence India’s S-400 with remote operations. In addition, Russia is China’s partner in its defense trade. That is why the government is indirectly benefiting China amid. A desire to become self-sufficient and a boycott of Chinese goods. In addition to Swamy, some security experts have also pointed fingers at the S-400’s control system over China’s intelligence fears. India missile.


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