Telangana is newly found state of India.

which was previously a part of andhra pradesh.

Date of foundation of telangana is 2 june 2014.

Largest rivers of the state are godavari, krishna, manjira, musi.

Best places to visit in telangana :-

  • Charminar
  • Ramoji film city
  • Chowmahalla palace
  • Birla temple
  • kuntala falls
  • Golconda fort
  • Balkampet yellamma pochamma temple

Charminar :-

Char minar

As the name suggest “CHARMINAR” literally means 4 minarets. it is in UNESCO world heritage site.

Mohammad quli qutb shah built this monument at the shore of the musi river in 1591.

Ramoji Film City :-

Ramoji film city

The largest film city in the world is in hyderabad, 1996.

Founded by ramoji rao and is important landmark in the hyderabad city. tourists can visit theme park and film sets, amusement park, sound stages etc.

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Chowmahalla Palace :-


Chow + mahalla = 4 palaces

It is a palace of nizam of hyderabad state. southern courtyard is the oldest part among all 4 palaces.

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Birla Temple :-

Birla temple

The birla temple of hyderabad is one of the 19 temples across India and This temples are built by birla family foundation, hence the name.

this temple constructed with white marbles and sand stones so they are white in colour.

Hyderabad birla temple is dedicated to lord venkateshwara.

construction took almost 10 years from 1966 to 1976.

Kuntala Falls :-

Kuntala falls

Situated in sahyadri mountain range. 260 km from the capital hyderabad, is a weekend getaway for nearby people.

It is a trekking destination 15 minutes away from entry point with height of 200 ft waterfall.

Golconda fort :-

Golconda fort

the meaning of golconda in telugu(regional language) is shepherd’s hill.

This is the birth place of the world’s famous gem koh-i-noor, noor-ul-ain and daria-i-noor.

Golconda was the diamond mining city of its time.

Local legend says that the mines are haunted.

local people afraid of digging out diamond from mines.

Kakatiyas built the fort here and rani rudrama devi strengthen it.

Balkampet yellamma pochamma temple :-

Balkampet Yellamma pochamma temple

The temple is dedicated to 2 powerful goddesses of hindus and situated in balkampet.

  1. yellamma(goddess of universe, AKA JAGADAMBA)
  2. pochamma(goddess of healing power)

There is a nearby well which heals all skin diseases by bathing in its water.

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