Top 10 most anticipated games 2020

Xenon racer
Xenon recer

Every year developers are bringing masterpieces from gaming industry. And  the  year  2020 seems quite  promising  for  gamers.  I  have hand picked some of  these  games and believe me, gamers will grab them like hot cakes.  This  list  dont   follow  any specific ratings  and is  just a random  sequence.  So,  without wasting much time, here i present top 10 most anticipated games 2020.

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Ori and the will of the wips

         The first teaser was released back in E3 2017. The developer is moon studios, as a sequel of the previous game the blind forest(2015), is single player adventure game which unfolds the fashion of metroidvania. the teaser shows the white spirit guardian naming ori, which fights back dangerous creatures in its way, riding an owl called ku. The game is fast paced and have some beautiful graphics, which is worth waiting for. Releasing on 11 february 2020 on ms windows pc and xbox one.


destroy all humans

         It’s a third game in the series since 2005. It is singleplayer actiona-adventure, openworld game, to be released on microsft windows, xbox one and PS4.

         Player is controlling an alien naming cryptosporidium 137 who has arrived on earth to harvest human dna back in 1959. This alien has a huge arsenal of alien weapons with to destroy human race like laser gun, jet pack, flying saucer loaded with cannon. He has psychokinetic power that can read thoughts, he can lavitate animals, and can even disguise like humans. release date announcing sometimes in early 2020.


Journey to the savage planet

         The first person shooter game, going to be released on xbox one, pc and ps4. The first ever teaser of this triple aaa title game was hidden as an easter egg in “watch dogs 2”. Latest game trailer starts with fresh and colorful alien world. Game interactions and environment gives mix feel of ‘no man sky’ and ‘subnautica’. Many alien creature are seen roaming around, and boss fights are awesome. Looking forward for this awesome game.


Final fantasy VII remake

          A big name in the market brings good news for fans. Square enix is preparing to bring the remake of 7th part of the series, a long after 3 and a half years of waiting. Confirmation teaser was revealed during E3, and the day later fans enjoyed deep dive into the gameplay of this awsome game. pre-order is open now, and if you do so, you may get one as soon as 3rd march 2020. FF7 remake is going to be released on PS4 platform.


Beyond good and evil 2

         This is the sequel of first prequel from 2003, developer is ubisoft, on completely new engine called ‘voyager’. ubisoft has not announced the target platforms yet, but rumors suggests ms windows, ps4 and xbox. the release date of this game is yet to be announced, may be late 2020.This game requires high end consoles to run such graphics. Unique feature here is you can explore different planet by space travel. Player controls charecter in third person perspective, and provides single player and multi player modes. Recent update trailer shows veriety of transportations, player can explore the planet far away from the mothership orbiting around the planet. charecter is equipped with jet pack, sword and a gun as standard arsenal, which are upgradable further. player can travel from cities to sky and can roam in space to explore vast different planet systems.


Halo infinite

         Chief master is coming back in the 6th main entry of the series, accompanied with pelican dropship pilot. they’re heading toward halo ring in the teaser with their battleship. Chief is getting new armory resembling mjolnir mark VI variant. This game is devloped with new engine called slipspace. The events of Halo 5: Guardians naturally lead me to believe that the conflict was between the UNSC and Cortana’s Promethean military, but that’s also a little predictable. Perhaps 343 Industries has a whole new enemy faction for us to deal with in Halo Infinite. The game developer is 343 and xbox is publisher. platforms are xbox one, mswindows pc and project scarlett. Release date announcing with in 4th quarter of 2020.


Twin mirror

         Twin mirror is to be sold on epic games exclusively, for one year. This game is going to release on ms windiws pc, ps4 and xbox. Its an investigation adventure game, here player is finding clues in real world as well as charecter’s thoughts and memories. This game would be a benchmark game of 2020, release date not confirmed yet.



This Class based teambuilding game, bring unique combination of competetion and cooperation to survive in dangerous environment loaded with extreme weather, savage outlander raiders, gnawing starvation, opposing players and sometimes angry grizzly bears. Each round is a perfect puzzle for your team to unlock togather. Here keys to survive are your teammates, wit, aim and luck. Releasing on pc, xbox and ps4. Release date not yet announced


Cyberpunk 2077 keanu reeves

         Cyberpunk 2077 is a big budget game coming next year with nextgen graphics. Its a remake of 1988 original game cyberpunk 2020. Matrix series superstar keanu reaves appereance in game is a gem in a crown. Player is controlling a cyborg named mercenary V. who is human upgraded with technology. Its an open world game, where player can explore the city california in 2077, which is devided in six regions including a corporate city central, mafia area pacifica, illegal immigrants area watson, luxurious westbrook township, suburban heywood and santo domigo industrial area and an extra region like blackmarket aka badland is explorable. The charecter V is highly customizalble. Player can even buy veriety of properties like house, garage etc. players cyberware implants and abilities are upgradable. Player can also create relationships with Non player charecters. Releasing on ms windows pc, xbox and ps4 on 16 april 2020.


Marvel’s avengers

         The well known big title which has billions of fans worldwide. It is co-operative action adventure game, includes famous marvel charecters like hulk, thor, captain america, iron man, black widow etc.You can play co-op mode online, choosing wide veriety of charectars, which are highly customizable. In DLC section you can buy different  costumes for each charecter. First ever trailer was released in 26 january 2017 than after in E3 2019 square enix  presented trailer and gameplay. This game is releasing on 4 platforms PC, PS4, google stadia and xbox one. Initial release date is confirmed, 15th may 2020.

so this was my hand picked top 10 most anticipated games upcoming 2020. hope you enjoyed the blog. Thank you.

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