mahima khanum, French Odyssey dancer Mahima, mahima khanum odyssey dancer
mahima khanum, French Odyssey dancer Mahima, mahima khanum odyssey dancer

Virus talk language dance

Mahima Khanum, a native dancer teacher and choreographer from France. Beautifully present the methods of how to protect against Rona through dance poses. Mahima has uniquely explain the precautions to be taken to avoid corona from the posture of Odyssey dance. Virus talk language dance. Odyssey dancer Mahima. French Odyssey dancer Mahima. mahima khanum odyssey dancer.

Mahima is the director of Liz Arts Media, an organization that promotes Indian dance culture. Mahima says that living in Paris and promoting Indian classical dances is a beautiful language. You can express yourself better by using different postures in it. Virus talk language dance. Mahima Khanum.

Dance teacher

 mahima khanum, Odyssey dancer Mahima, French Odyssey dancer Mahima, mahima khanum odyssey dancer

Mahima Khanum’s India Connection Born in France, Mahima had a French mother and a Spanish father. Mahima, who has been fond of dance since childhood, learned ballet at the age of three. At the age of 13 he met Odyssey artist Shankar Behra. Became his disciple and started learning dance. He believes that Shankara gave a new direction to his life.

She then had the opportunity to learn dance from Madhavi Mudgal in Delhi. From the Indian Council for Cultural Relations and the French Government in India. She later moved to Paris. There she has been experimenting with dance for 12 years. Mahima start many projects in France. She is also working on Odyssey Dance and Light Painting Photography. Computer Animate Old Painting, Odyssey Dance and Virtual Reality. mahima khanum odyssey dancer.

How to make this video

No special location found “My husband Avish is a digital artist,” says Mahima. Before the lockdown I never thought dance could be a tool to awaken people. But after the lockdown in France on March 16. I watch the dance at home in conjunction with positivity and made this video

The video, base on various postures, was complete in three days. Mahima says that while living in her small apartment. I did not find any special location or camera angle for this dance video and did a direct shoot. A few weeks later, his music was compose by Mumbai-base musician Vijay Tambe. French Odyssey dancer Mahima.

Mahima says we got positivity from the Odyssey during the epidemic. The problems around us are greater when we live at home to avoid the effects of corona. Odyssey dancing in such a situation can be an easy way to overcome your every problem.


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