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We All Animal

When it comes to standing up for animal rights and environmental issues. Anushka Sharma has always led from the front and made a difference. In the run-up to World Environment Day. That falls on June 5, Anushka is urging the people of India to treat. All plant and animal species with equality. Bhumi pednekar: i am a climate warrior

World Environment Day

The superstar has come forward to support actress Bhumi Pednekar’s initiative Climate Warrior. That is trying to raise awareness on several. Important issues plaguing. Our climate through a campaign called ‘One Wishes For The Earth’. Bhumi’s campaign will see Bollywood’s biggest thought leaders come forward to discuss climate justice. The platform will see the stars urge citizens to take climate change seriously And Along with them. Also do their bit to protect the planet.

Anushka Sharma

Anushka says, “My wish for Earth is, I wish that we would treat the plant and animal species. To be just as significant a part of nature as the human species. world environment day We should treat all animal and plant species with kindness and equality. I wish we would not treat them as a means to an. end because at the end of the day we are all one. I am a climate warrior. Are you?”


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