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The first match of the three-Test West Indies series and England will be playing on July 8 in Southampton. The ICC has bann the use of saliva to polish the ball because of the corona. West Indies team. England Boris johnson speak. India vs west indies. Latest cricket news.

International cricket is returning from England after three months due to coronavirus. The first match of the three-Test west Indies series and England will be play here on July 8. Meanwhile, the Prime Minister of England Boris Johnson spoke about the risk of Coro’s transition from a cricket ball. He said the ban on cricket would not be lift. But it will have no effect on the series. West Indies team.

west indies team, england boris johnson, India vs west indies, latest cricket news

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has banned the use of saliva to polish the ball due to corona. In addition, the option of corona connection (substitute) is also give in the test. The ICC has release a number of guidelines such as not shaking hands during matches and social distance. England Boris Johnson speak. India vs west indies.

More work is to keep cricket safe

Boris Johnson the media, “The problem with cricket is that everyone understands. That there is a danger of the disease spreading naturally from the ball. I have talk to scientists about this many times. At the moment, we are working harder to protect cricket from Kovid-19. So far we have not change any guidelines.

A series of three Test matches from 8 July

The first Test between West Indies and England. Will be playing at Southampton’s Aegis Ball from July 8 to 12. While the other two Tests will be playing at Old Trafford from July 16 to 20 and July 24-28. England’s 30-member squad will train in Southampton from Thursday.

The West Indies team complet the isolation

The West Indies have completed a 14-day isolation period in England. The guest team arrive in England on 9 June and has been quarantine at a hotel in Manchester ever since. The team is practicing on a field in Old Trafford near the hotel. He will also play a three-day warm-up match at the ground. Latest cricket news.


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